Dare to innovate

"We create new businessopportunities through innovation"

Our main objective is to provide new possibilities to grow your business by looking at your sales and R&D strategies and processes.

Do you have an innovative new product, but you do not know how the bring it to the market? We have the international network and expertise to guide you on your way to international growth or identifying the right business partners.

Does your company lack new ideas? We can assist in reviving the innovation processes in your team, by participating in and challenging the idea generation processes.

Does your company struggle with strategic choices and defining where to go for the next ten years? We help your management team to achieve a sound and clear vision of where to go and how to get there.

From the red Ocean to the blue Ocean

Define your own business arena: being in a highly competitive environment or cultivating your own niche is a matter of choice!

Highly competitive environment

Highly profitable environment

Our Consultancy Propositions:

Blue Ocean Strategy Definition

Globalization has resulted in globalization of competition. There is hardly any territory that could be regarded as uncharted.

Competition is the name of the game. Markets over which the competition is fierce have turned red. In the bloody red ocean, even the organizations which manage to stay afloat, and command a sizeable market share often face the problem of diminishing profit margins.

Blue oceans are created when there is a perceptible change, an improvement, in value addition. There needs to be value innovation. And when it happens, it makes competition irrelevant as it has created an uncontested market space.

NewBD consultancy can assist your Management Team in the thought processes to define a Blue Ocean Strategy.

Optimizing the R&D pipeline

One of the biggest problems a company can face is the lack of new ideas. Without new ideas, there is no change, no learning, no improvement and business will diminish over time.

Consider R&D as an investment, not a cost center. One cannot avoid unsuccessful R&D projects, but you can optimize the chance of success and decrease the time-to-market and optimize your return on your R&D investment.

We can assist in improving the R&D processes, stimulate idea generation and help you built-up a healthy product and process development pipeline.

Business Matching

You cannot do everything alone. Like people working together can achieve more, the same counts for companies.

We can assist in identifying the right business partners for you, with opportunities for synergetic growth.

New Business Development

With almost 20 years of international sales experience in Europe, Asia and USA, NewBD consultancy, can help you increasing your international sales in these areas.

Our experience also includes Automotive composites, Technical Textiles, Polymers, Additives. We can also find and develop new applications in one of these market segments.